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Do you have your first comic ready yet? You’ve written some stories, you’ve created some characters, and you’ve drawn your first strips, and ...
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Death of thomas and martha

Sets Them Apart: Bruce Wayne

There are characters in the comic world that are set apart from the rest. Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Spider-man, etc. These charact...
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All Star 4

A Comic Booked Weekend in Melbourne

Melbourne has had a long-standing reputation as being the cultural capital of Australia. Its book stores, music events and exhibitions have more ...
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Why Isn’t Aquaman An A-List Superhero?

All the jokes about talking to fish aside, I was thinking yesterday about why Aquaman doesn’t get the love and admiration that other big name ...
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Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

CBLDF Gains Control Of Comics Code Seal

Once the symbol of self-censorship, the Comics Code Authority seal will now become a symbol in defense of free speech in comic books. Press ...
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Indie Insider: Interviewing Joel Poirier

For today's episode of Indie Insider, I got the opportunity to interview Joel Poirier, the creator of the web comic Stripped Comics. We shot the ...
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Review: Superman #1

This comic is our first glimpse of Superman in the present of the DCnU and five years into his superhero career.  Unlike Action Comics #1, where ...
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By Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness

More Images From Marvel’s Point One

Earlier this week we gave you a look at Marvel Comics’ new Point One book, a 64-page behemoth that they are touting, which will set the stage for ...
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Marvel expands on the finale with three additional issues of Fear Itself #7

Catch The Earth-Shattering Fallout From Fear Itself!

Marvel is making a bold move with the conclusion of the current Fear Itself event. Instead of wrapping things up in one over-sized issue, as fans ...
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Review: Aquaman #1

I want to like Aquaman.  Despite the fact that he's the laughingstock of the superhero world, and he seems like the most ineffectual member of the ...
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