iluv cover

Keith Giffen’s Sick, Twisted, Hilarious- I Luv Halloween

The magnificent Keith Giffen (Lobo, Trencher, OMAC)  and artist Benjamin Roman (The Cryptics, Zombie Tales, Cthulhu Tales) bring us a fresh ...
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Women of Wonder 2011

On October 30th for the past six years and in three cities across the nation, Women of Wonder has been raising money and awareness about domestic ...
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Art by Chris Bachalo, written by Jason Aaron

Your First Look At Wolverine and The X-Men #2

Did you get your copy of Wolverine & The X-Men on Wednesday? Did you enjoy it? Well, if you didn’t, you’re one of the few. Fan reaction has ...
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Comikaze Expo Convention

Comikaze Expo Offers More Ways To Save And Have Fun

Superheroes, like cannonballs filled with nougat, combine outer strength with internal goodness. Bask in the paranormal with today’s Groupon to ...
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Spider-Island Concludes!

Alright, Spider-Fans, this is the big finish so hang on tight, we have four, count 'em, FOUR books to cover! To keep the size of this review man...
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Art by Stuart Immonen

Big News For Marvel’s Defenders #1

Marvel has quite a bit coming out of the upcoming Shattered Heroes storyline. Most recently it was announced the Fear Itself writer Matt Fraction ...
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the long halloween

Graphic Novel Recommendation- Batman: The Long Halloween

Welcome again, Comic Booked readers, to another wonderful installment of our Graphic Novel Recommendations. Today we have the epic and  influent...
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Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Marvel’s Variant Covers For Fantastic Four #601 & FF #13

Marvel is really pushing the upcoming Fantastic Four storyline, and with good reason. For close to a year, fans have been dealt the story of the ...
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Comic Booked Costume Contest-Are You A Winner?

Hey Comic Booked peeps. Since it's that time of year, we're having a Halloween costume contest. Dress up in your best costume and send photos to ...
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Review: Super Corporate Heroes #1

Love it or hate it, the Occupy Wall Street movement is the talk of the town lately. The battle of the people vs the “greedy” corporation, ...
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