Review: Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #4

The Ultimates had a huge impact on superhero storytelling in both comics and movies, and this relaunch of the series looks like it's intended to ...
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Freehand Perspective Title

Everything Daily – Perspective, The Next Step

The past month of this column has focused on perspective for beginners.  One article a week barely scratches the surface of this topic. Perspect...
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Review – The Dark Knight #3

As the turkey slowly bakes away in the oven and the smell travels throughout the house, I am sitting here reading this week’s new releases for ...
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Bullet Reviews #38: Green Lantern, Godzilla and more!

Bullet Reviews! From now on these will be posted on Tuesday and will give you, our loyal fans, a chance to see what else will be available at your ...
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By Steve Napierski

Web Comics Wednesday – VIDEO GAMES

Ever since Penny Arcade made a splash in the web comics world, proving that a couple of regular guys with some artistic talent, witty insight into ...
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Art by Enrique Lopez Lorenzana and Fran Gamboa

Image Comics Raises Hell (On Earth)

Horror titles are big. With the rampant success of series like The Walking Dead and IDW's Locke & Key, many publishers are looking for the ...
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By Sas Christian

Queen Crab Is A Real Catch

Kickstarter has been changing the face of publishing. Through the method of “pledging”, creators are able to raise funds for their projects, ...
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Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones: Charges Dropped, Helps Catch Suspect in Seattle Stabbing

When we last reported about real life superhero Phoenix Jones here at Comic Booked, he had just come out of a court hearing in which prosecutors ...
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Mike Allred's iconic character gets collected in a hardcover coffee table book from Image Comics

This Madman Is A Monster

Wow. It’s really hard to believe that Mike Allred’s Madman is twenty years old. As one of the independents that really broke out of obscurity ...
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superman 3

Review: Superman #3

This relaunched version of Superman might be my favorite of the revamped characters in the DCnU.  Superman, in appearance and character, is ...
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