Ed Brubaker will be appearing at Image Expo in February

Ed Brubaker Appears at Image Expo; Fatale #2 Sells Out

There’s a lot of news coming out of the Image Comics camp today, and much of it concerns hit writer Ed Brubaker. First up, Image announced that, ...
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Marvel vs DC in Dollars

What Are The Best-Selling Comic-Book Brands?

Comic book brands are tough to track. It's gotten to be good mathematical exercise, just keeping up with how many spinoffs Batman, Green Lantern, ...
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Bullet Reviews #46: It’s An All Independent Column!

Each week, we at Comic Booked like to offer some quick reviews of the previous week’s books in hopes of introducing fellow readers to books you ...
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Peter Milligan takes over for Paul Cornell on Stormwatch

If you’ve been reading Stormwatch you can expect a change of writers very soon. Peter Milligan of Justice League Dark and Red Lanterns will be ...
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Justice League Issue #4 Back To Press

Did you forget to pick up your Justice League issue#4 at your local comic book store? Have no fear! DC has announced that they will be reprinting ...
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Undead on a car

Unpainted Lead: There’s a Mini for Everyone!

Last week we spoke on the origins of wargaming, I even gave you a look into a few games out on the market. Now some of you might have found that ...
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“Waiter, There’s a Message in my Game”

Gaming, like any other art form, can be appreciated on several different levels. Typically, when a journalist reviews a game, we judge the aesthe...
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ForZombies with Football

Football for Zombies

[We have football special #2 for you today. The guys over at ForZombies have provided us with this interesting and humorous look at what happens ...
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Marksmen’s Creator David Baxter Gets Comic Booked!

Marksmen, the six-issue mini series from Image Comics, tells the age old tale of Science vs. Religion with a twist.  In a very distraught future ...
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Comic veteran Terry Moore discusses his decision to make Strangers In Paradise and Rachel Rising available through ComiXology.

Terry Moore Finds Paradise In Digital Distribution

With the recent rise in popularity of digital distribution, the print vs digital debate rages with nary an end in sight. With sites like comiXology ...
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