Captain Atom #5

Why I Hope Captain Atom Isn’t Cancelled or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Captain Atom

One thing that I've really liked about the New 52 is the willingness of DC Comics to give solo series to the more quirky characters in their IP ...
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First Look: Earth 2′s Wonder Woman by Jim Lee

DC Comics gives us another glimpse into the parallel Earth coming in May for The New 52 “Second Wave” featured prominently in the coming titles ...
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Webcomics Wednesday - Sports

Webcomics Wednesday – Sports

Welcome back to Webcomics Wednesday! This week we’re taking a look at five webcomics based on SPORTS! Since cavemen first discovered how fun ...
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DC Hidden Gems

DC Comics Hidden Gems Sale, Going Until March 3rd!

ComiXology continues to present more awesome material for purchase! In addition to their same as day releases, ComiXology is holding a "DC Hidden ...
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New Digital Comics on ComiXology, February 29th!

Comic Booked is pleased to spread the news that ComiXology is making the most of leap year, using the last day of February to unleash an incredible ...
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Kill Shakespeare1

Comic Booked Podcast Preview – The Kill Shakespeare Interview

UPDATED: New episode is now available to listen to here! This is the show that almost didn't happen. Well in a sense it did happen - some weeks ...
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GetGlue is a new social media that rewards users for checking in

A Comic Booked Guide To GetGlue

Social media is all the rage these days. With the popularity of websites like Facebook and Twitter, where people can interact with complete ...
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Marvel's stories will now be available on Apple's iBooks

Marvel Graphic Novels Now Available On iBooks

Hot on the heels of Image Comics announcement that their hit series The Walking Dead will be made available through Apple’s iBooks store, Marvel ...
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By Sam Humphries and Ramon Perez

Preview- John Carter: The Gods Of Mars #1

Disney’s big-budget film John Carter will be hitting theaters soon and to coincide with it, Marvel will be releasing the first issue of the next ...
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Blacklist Studios Funding Robot 13: COLOSSUS via Kickstarter

Blacklist Studios Funding Robot 13: COLOSSUS via Kickstarter

Daniel Bradford and Thomas Hall are the masterminds behind Blacklist Studios LLC, which produces two quarterly comics, Robot 13 and KING! The ...
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