Warner Bros. Unveil “Injustice: Gods Among Us”

Warner Brothers have recently announced their latest offering of DC Universe themed games,  Injustice: Gods Among Us. Which will see your ...
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Amazing Spider-Man

REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #686 PLUS #700 News!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #686 Ends Of The Earth, Part 5 Written by: Dan Slott Art by: Stefano Caselli WARNING! IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THIS ISSUE YET THEN ...
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Bethesda Reveals “Dawnguard” Trailer

Thesimonpeter here, back with more Skyrim excitement! This time around I bring to you my reactions  to the reveal trailer for the first DLC for ...
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Aspiring Hulk Paints Himself Green to Later Discover That it won’t Come Off

Wannabe Hulk Paints Himself Green to Later Discover That it Won’t Come Off

You all heard the saying before, “it’s not easy being green,” well, pool attendant Paulo Henrique dos Santos found out the hard way when he ...
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Raw Studios Celebrates ComiXology Debut with Exclusive Graphic Novel

Raw Studios will now be joining ComiXology, one of the largest digital comic distributors, and to celebrate, there will be an exclusive digital ...
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The Doctor in Picard's Chair

Comic Review – Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2

You got your Star Trek in my Doctor Who! You got your Doctor Who in my Star Trek! It’s two, two, two  classic sci fi series in one! Wri...
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Starcity IQ

StarCity IQ – June 10th

StarCity IQ - Sunday June 10th 2012 starting at noon. Location: 859 S. Lynnhaven Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Time: ...
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Super Crooks

Review: Super Crooks #3

Marvel's Icon imprint continues to produce a prolific amount of Mark Millar's projects. Super Crooks #3, with art by art savant Leinil Yu, contin...
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Required Reading #4: Identity Crisis!

Comic books get a lot of flack, and are often labeled "kids stuff", what with the flashy, eye-grabbing outfits, superpowers, and catchphrases ("Up ...
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Ravagers #1

Review: The Ravagers #1

There was a dull static that rang through my head each time I turned the page.  So many word balloons and text captions, people shouting at each ...
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