Hoax Hunters #1

Review: Hoax Hunters #1

What happens when you make a comic book that apes the premise of a "reality" TV series?  I'm not sure the creators of Hoax Hunters know.  Their ...
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Erik Hendrix

Comic Confidential- Erik Hendrix

This is a big year for Arcana Studios.  For those that missed it during Free Comic Book Day, the company launched their first epic mega crossover ...
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Four-Color Flashbacks Favorite Stories: Thanos

As I wrap up the second installment of Four-Color Flashbacks I decided to do more than just one Favorite Story. Mostly because this is Thanos and, ...
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Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens

Review: Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens

As far as comics go, Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens appears at first glance to be a checklist of everything wrong in the industry.  A comic that serves as a ...
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Smallville Guardian Chapter 9 cover

Review: Smallville – Guardian Chapter 9

Chapter 9 of Guardian has entered the digital marketplace! Go read it now and then come right back here for this spoiler filled review!  After ...
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Angel and Faith Issue 11 - Steve Morris Cover

Review: Angel & Faith Issue 11

Praising a Dark Horse Whedonverse book for being hilariously well-written is like praising my cat for being a conniving fur-covered ninja: it’s ...
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Marvel Teases New Punisher Series

In the words of Bugs Bunny: "Of course you realize... THIS mean War!" Or in the case of Marvel Comics: War Zone as in Punisher War Zone. All ...
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Review: The Last Policeman

What would you do if the world was ending in six months?  Would you go traveling the world, hunker down and stockpile, or would you stick to your ...
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The Boondock Saints

Rewind Review: The Boondock Saints

It is that time again: Rewind Review Friday!  In this week’s installment I will take a crack at the cult classic The Boondock Saints directed by ...
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Review: Justice League Dark #10

John Constantine. Deadman. Zatanna. Madame Xanadu. Andrew Bennett. Black Orchid. Dr. Mist. Together they form the supernatural super-team in DC ...
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