Vader word picture

The Bee’s Knees: Word Pictures

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Bee’s Knees! For those of you new to this column, every Friday I take a look at a creative and unusual way in ...
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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #692

As you've seen across this last week and a bit, there's a lot of focus on Spider-Man. He's turning 50 after all! We've covered ...
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AVX12_teaser Jean Grey

First Look: Avengers vs. X-Men #12

This entire event has completely blown me away.  Truth be told, what has actually gone down between heroes has not been all that Earth shattering. ...
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The New 52, an Anniversary Expo

A year ago I waited in the comic book shop for the first batch of the New 52 to be placed on the shelves. The holiday weekend postponed the books ...
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Wayne’s Comics 66: Phil Hester from Legends O/T Dark Knight

This week’s podcast interview is a great one with Phil Hester, accomplished comics writer and artist! He talks about his three-part digital comic ...
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Spider Man

Comic Revolt with David Gillette: Spider-Man Turns 50

Comic Revolt pays tribute to the outside-the-box thinking that Stan Lee and Steve Ditko used in creating Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Man. ...
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Sorin vs Tibalt Symbol

Duel Deck: Sorin vs. Tibalt Announced!

In today's Magic Arcana, we were treated to a fun surprise: the announcement of the Sorin vs. Tibalt Duel Deck! Details are pretty scant, but ...
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Top Cow Debuts Exclusive Digital Only GN Manifestations on ComiXology!

Epic Kill’s Raffael Ienco’s New Top Cow Graphic Novel Manifestations Makes Exclusive Digital Only Debut on ComiXology August 29th, 2012 ...
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The Absolutes #1

Review: The Absolutes #1

​Full Disclosure:  Writer Seth Jacob is a fellow contributor here at Comic Booked. Though they don't break ground that hasn't been dug ...
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DC Comics And Beyond – National Comics: Looker #1

I've been happily buying DC's new National Comics since it began last month with Jeff Lemire’s take on Eternity.  Is the second issue, focused ...
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